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Andrew Lane

Perhaps a greater illusion is peoples desire to seek experiences which re-enforce the beliefs that already have.

Selective blindness to events and learning opportunities that don’t fit an existing paradigm are as difficult to overcome as an oblivious prejudice or clear resistance to change. In trying to maintain a position do we not trawl through our memory to find an event that shores up an argument rather than allowing the possibility of an alternative to generate real potential.

Try arguing with a child of an age where they are not burdened with experience, do they possess free thinking of the purest kind? Does the frustrated parent resort to “because I said so” in order to avoid conceding there is an alternative.

I would love to be the person that can live this talk, but I suspect I am some years from achieving it as a state of mind, its too easy to slip into the knowing mode which requires so much less effort than the learning one.

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