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Jim Stroup

Excellent point, Lee.

My vote for best line: ". . . taking your eye off the bottom line sets you free to put your eye on what drives the bottom line." Bingo.

It's surprisingly easy, isn't it, to mistake the measurement for the thing measured. Or, to get closer to your point, even the thing measured for the capabilities and behaviors that enable - or drive - that thing.

Great post, great point - thanks!

Shaun Kieran

Awhile back I worked with a client who’d be nodding his head vigorously in agreement with what you wrote in your post. The problem for him was that he worked in a place where “bottom line” thinking permeated the culture, and could then be used to bludgeon anyone seeming distracted by other matters like feedback, planning, re-focusing, etc.

I had trouble believing it at first - it seemed like a parody, or a screenplay. He’s obviously not there any more.

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